Our Vision

OUR CORE BELIEFS:  We believe in using a Strength-Based approach and creating a challenging and rigorous learning environment to develop students’ Academic Resilience: the process of using internal strengths and external support systems (protective factors) to view challenges as opportunities for growth and empowerment.

VISION:  Edna and John W. Mosley P-8 students will be engaged and empowered to reach academic proficiency and beyond, navigate academic and social adversity, and view challenges as opportunities for growth and EMPOWERMENT.

MISSION To teach all students using a Strength-Based approach to build Academic Resilience.  Our knowledgeable and professional staff will support students to tap into their strengths, acquire skills to cope, harness their adversity, and be prepared for future challenges by:

  • Holding high expectations
  • Building meaningful relationships that allow us to challenge our students
  • Engaging students in meaningful learning
  • Creating opportunities for students to contribute to their classroom, school, and community in meaningful ways

Ginsburg, 2011

Truebridge, 2014


How do Planning Committee Members describe a Strength-Based, Academic Resilience education to our community?

“We strive daily to support student learning through focusing on students’ strengths.  When students encounter struggles in their learning, we support them with resilience strategies that allow students to build their skills for use in future struggles academically.” 

“Each child brings strengths to the classroom and we will build on those strengths to help students define their next steps.  Children learn from their struggles and we will support children through these struggles by building their competence to feel confident.” 

“We focus on student strengths and how students can use their strengths to overcome their difficulties.” 

“We focus on students’ strengths as a foundation for learning.  Students will use their strengths as a base to help boost their academics.  Students know and understand their strengths and use them to navigate through academic challenges with support.  Students are able to tackle challenges head-on!" 

“A Strength-Based, Academic Resilience education is created by holding high expectations, building strong relationships, engaging students, and creating opportunities for students to contribute.”