Cell Phone Policy

Parents, due to misuse of cell phones during the school day which has negatively impacted the learning environment, students will not be allowed to use their cell phones during the day including lunch, recess, or in the bathrooms.  Should your child need to contact you, as always, they may use the phone provided for them in the front office.  Any sight, sound, or use of a cell phone by a student will result in the phone being confiscated, secured, and released only to a parent.  Please support your child in adhering to this new expectation by having them leave it at home or remind them to keep it off and put away here at school.

Please also encourage your student to be respectful, responsible and safe by reporting concerning issues and refraining from participation in disruptive behaviors.

We appreciate that many of our students are demonstrating RISE behaviors and hope you all understand that this measure is put in place to limit distractions/disruptions as well as increase student/staff/school safety.