Keith Sinclair

Hi, my name is Keith Sinclair and I am a second grade teacher. This is my second year at Edna and John W. Mosley P-8 and my 16th year teaching. I have a master's in Special Education and have taught both General Education and Special Education in Georgia and Colorado. I am originally from New York, I'm an avid runner, and I love New York sports teams like the Mets, Giants and Brooklyn Nets. The thing I am most excited about for the 2019-20 school year is seeing students have that "A-ha!" moment where they make a connection between the lesson and the world around them. My job is to accelerate learning for every APS student, every day. I do my job by creating a classroom environment where my students feel comfortable and safe so they can challenge themselves and get the most out of their learning. My community needs me to do my job.